Clubs for Languages and International Cultures 2004 - 2005
African-Latino Alliance
  Celebrates the African American and Latin American cultures through poetry reading, speakers,a reading-club, and dinners.  
  See Mrs. Nikodem.  
Chinese Society
  Brings together those who wish to share their knowledge of Chinese culture and society with others and learn more about China. A number of events are sponsored, including trips, films,and social gatherings.  
  See Mrs. Wu.  
German Club
  Meets for practice of German in a social setting through games, movies, plays, and trips.  
  See Ms. Hornor.  
International Society
Gives students of international background and others a chance to share their cultural experiences. The society sponsors cultural trips, lectures, movies, and international meals and serves as a support group for students from outside the United-States. This group serves as an umbrella for all international societies.
  See Ms. Hornor.  
Island Posse
  See Mrs. Nikodem.  
Japanese Society
Sponsors guest speakers, films, and other activities to acquaint members and the School community with various aspects of Japanese culture.
  See Mr. Shimano.  
Korean Society
Brings together those who wish to share their knowledge of Korean culture with others. Gatherings often center around culinary experiences and efforts to produce a periodic Korean publication.
  See Dr. Latimer.  
La Junta
Explores Spanish culture and society through conversation, presentations, and films (for students with two or more years of Spanish language study).
  See Sr. Rodriguez.  
Le Cercle Français
Meets to share an interest in French through presentations, cooking, and guest speakers.
  See Ms. Windsor.  
Tibetan Society
  See Mr. Fletcher.  
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